Wealth Syndy

Build wealth smarter through syndications

Our mission is to empower passive investors to evaluate real estate investments easier, track performance holistically and build wealth smarter through syndications.

Created by passive investors for passive investors.

The Real Estate Syndication Investment Calculator is live!

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What IS Wealth Syndy

  • A holistic view of your syndication investments
  • A tool to help you evaluate syndications
  • Built by passive investors for passive investors

What Wealth Syndy is NOT

  • A Deals Marketplace
  • A Syndicator Salesground
  • A Software for Syndicators


Evaluate potential Real Estate investments better with built-in industry comparisons and  integrated portfolio view.


Tired of multiple sponsor portals? Bring all of your data into one place. View your portfolio holistically to better understand your risk and exposure.


Build wealth smarter and better with Wealth Syndy!

Help us by taking the State of Real Estate Syndications Survey

The goal of this survey is to get an understanding of what we are seeing in our investments at this time based on changing market conditions.

If you would like to get the summarized results feel free to include your email address at the end of the survey or check back soon to see the results here!


Our story

We started our journey being passive real estate investors (or otherwise called LP Investors – Limited Partners). It did not take a long time to realize that tracking all of our syndication investments was messy and unorganized. There were no platforms that could help us with tracking our portfolio.  In a fit of frustration, we decided that we needed something better, not just for us but for every other passive investor.

So Wealth Syndy was born.

No meddling from Sponsors, no digging into multiple investor portals, no deal sales, just pure portfolio view for everyone. Of course, with the added flare of syndication evaluation tools!

We are working tirelessly to bring Wealth Syndy to life. Check back soon on availability.


No matter how new or experienced you are in syndications there is always something to learn. Check out our educational articles on Real Estate Syndications.

Introducing the Real Estate Syndication Calculator

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